Transition to a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Transition to a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Want to be more eco friendly but don’t know how?

Follow our simple “do and don’t” guide to get started!

You won’t hear us using the term “zero waste” very often because we think it’s such a huge term, it sounds scary, daunting and can actually put people off!

We believe that lots of people making small changes is much better than a handful of people being completely “zero waste”.

Start with these three tips and see how good it feels to be taking some positive eco friendly action!

  1. Make small changes that can easily be implemented in your life
  2. Reduce your meat intake,why not start meat free Mondays?
  3. Slowly replace products with sustainable ones when they run out.

Try not to go all out at the start as you will soon loose momentum. Don't create unnecessary waste by getting rid of all of your non eco products. Use them up first and save the bottles and jars where you can!


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